Hyperlink Baby

Here is some news!

A piece of mine was published in the first issue of LOOM, a really cool art and literature magazine! The entire release can be viewed on their website so check out that hyperlink, baby.

I’m tabling at MoCCA Fest 2013 at the beginning of April! I’m currently working on a bunch of new stuff and I’ll let y’all know what’ll be available there and at what table. If you want to know more info, just click the hyperlink, baby.

Wood Spider is playing with Blackbird Raum, Pale Robin and O’ Great North at the Silent Barn on March 30th! If ya wanna know more, here’s a hyperlink, baby.
(Wood Spider is also playing with Blackbird Raum at C-Squat on the 29th)

That is all for now! More soon!


  1. thatonekidyoukindofknow said: Woah, that magazine is so cool. Congratulations, where can I get a copy?
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